IT introduction for Academic staff

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There is help on many subjects on our dedicated help pages, to access the help pages go to and search for your query.  If you require further assistance, contact the Support and Information Zone (SIZ).

Access the help pages: (no log in required)


The Support and Information Zone (SIZ) is our main reception area and your first point of contact for many University services. The SIZ is physically located within our Learning Resource Centres on both campuses, but is also accessible via telephone and email.

You will find friendly supportive staff able to assist with many aspects of University life, including: general IT and library support, IT accounts, queries relating to Academic Registry and finance, and appointment bookings for a full range of student support services. They also offer an instant equipment loans service for the most requested items

SIZ can be contacted on 01243 816222 or internally on 6222 or you can email them at

More information about the SIZ can be found on Moodle (log in required)

University IT Account

You should be given a University IT account, if you do not already have one you will need to contact SIZ.  

Staff Intranet

The staff intranet can be accessed from (log in required)  The staff intranet is a place that you can get to other systems, access the university phonebook, access useful information from the professional services departments such as Human resources and Finance, and see staff university news.


You will be given your email address with your University account, you can log into your email at  This will take you to Office365 where you can access Email, Calendar, OneDrive and other office 365 apps. The first time you use your email, you may need to set the language and time zone.


Moodle is the university's Virtual Learning Environment and also the Student Intranet.

The bar at the top of moodle has all of the Intranet information for students (which can also be useful to staff).

You can access your email from the Office 365 Icon on the front page, and your modules can be accessed from the My Pages icon.  If you do not have access to your modules, please contact your Module leader.

Access the Moodle home page (log in Required)


Turnitin is the plagiarism software that we use.  Staff need to create a new Turnitin link in Moodle for each assignment that they set.

Panopto (ChiPlayer)

ChiPlayer is our branded version of commercial software called Panopto.

It is a lecture capture Software that allows you to record PowerPoint, audio, video, and capture your desktop. It can be utilised for student group work, flipped classrooms and lecture recording, allowing students to view past lectures, search by text or voice and annotate lecture recordings with their own notes.

It is also great for capturing guest lectures, theatre and dance events or live streaming from one room to another.

ChiView (Student Records system)

ChiView is the system to access student personal records, there is a version for staff, where you can get an overview of the students you teach and access MAF Online (see below) to input marks and one for students where they can access their records and get their grades and feedback.

MAF Online (Module Assessment Feedback)

MAF Online is the University's online tool for giving student feedback and marks/grades and is accessed from ChiView.

To use MAF Online, you will need:

  1. to be the module leader on a module - or added onto a module's MAF by the module leader
  2. to have one or more assessments to mark
For more information see the University induction videos here: or for training in any of these areas please contact  


Useful Links:

Moodle overview for staff

Panopto (ChiPlayer) introduction

ChiView for staff



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