FAQs for students arriving from overseas


Travel guidance from 18th March 2022

UKCISA advice for students travelling to England

Will international students be able to access the vaccine?

Can International Students get a COVID pass?

Who can I contact if I am not sure what to do



Travel Guidance from 18th March 2022

From 4am on Friday 18 March, you do not need to take any COVID-19 tests or fill in a passenger locator form when travelling to the UK from abroad. These changes apply whether you are fully vaccinated or not.

As a university we are still required to monitor the level of infection in the University community so we are able to identify an outbreak (we are required to do this by West Sussex Public Health).  We are therefore asking all students and staff to continue to report Covid-19 symptoms and positive test results to the University.

UKCISA advice for students travelling to England


Will international students be able to access the vaccine? 

International students will not be charged for vaccination against COVID-19. You should make sure you are registered with a General Practitioner (GP), get an NHS number and use the online vaccination booking service to book their vaccine appointments. For more information please visit the UK government website.

Please refer to the "COVID-19 vaccination FAQs: students in Higher Education Institutions" document for more information on vaccinations. You can find information about getting your second dose as well as getting fully vaccinated when arriving in the UK.


Can international students get a UK COVID pass?

If you have a UK government recognised vaccination status, you can book an appointment to get your vaccination record created. You can then use the NHS app to access your COVID pass. You will need to register with a GP and get an NHS number before you can organise this. For more information about GP registration please visit our  pre-arrival and orientation Moodle page 


Who can I contact if I am not sure what to do?

Please email covidreport@chi.ac.uk.

Please also see:

Covid-19 report and support help page

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