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A flexible workflow for staff - a consistent experience for students

Whilst students like a consistent experience, we understand that staff have their own ways of marking, grading and giving feedback; we believe that our workflow allows for both. This interactive guide shows you the new workflow. Please click on each section to watch a video guide

Please Note: Grades should not be put through Moodle, the 'Grade' button in Moodle only needs to be used if the marker is using Moodle to annotate, and in that case, the Marking workflow state should be left as 'Not Marked' as we use MAF to input the grades.


Please advise your students to include their student number in the file name of their final submission (eg. Final_edit_00361288). This will help you to identify the file throughout the feedback process. 
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Online marking tips

We've been working to compile tips and good-practice suggestions that people have found useful for when they are completing their online marking:

What has changed?

This help page has been setup to guide academic and professional services staff through the University's move towards a fully online assignment submission/marking/feedback process. This new process, being adopted University-wide from January 2019, removes the necessity for students to submit printed paper copies of their written assignments.

Please familiarise yourself with the update to the Academic Regulations, specifically section 8A.2:

Section 8A.2

...Written work for assessment must be submitted electronically through your module page in Moodle. The electronic submission records the date and time of submission to determine that your written work was submitted on time. The module Moodle page will set out if there is a further requirement to submit a hard copy of the written work to your department’s faculty administration office. Where a hard copy is required, you should include within the cover page the ID number of the UQOS (Turnitin) report from when you undertook the electronic submission. 
Please note, if you fail to submit an electronic version of your work, your mark will normally be recorded as a non-submission. If there are any technical problems with the submission systems, you will be advised of these, and how the hand-in dates may be revised accordingly, and without any risks of penalty for late submission.

For additional support, please email the Technology Enhanced Learning team:

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