Working with External Examiners

How to give access

To allow External Examiners access to module information, assessment requirements and samples of student work, you will need to do the following:


  1. Enrol the examiner onto the module's Moodle page as the External Examiner role.  See the Enrol a colleague on a module page help guide.
    1. This will give them read-only access to the module online content
    2. This will give them read-only access to the students' submitted assignments
    3. This will give them access to any video assignment submissions in Panopto (as long as they have visited the moodle page at least once before)
  2. Add the examiner onto the module's MAF Online as an additional marker. See the Adding additional markers in MAF Online help guide.
    1. This will give them read-only access to the written feedback, the mark/grade, and any attachments
  3. If you have used Panopto for audio or video feedback, you will need to share the recording with the external examiner. This can be done by the owner of the recording, using the share with specific people option, see the Sharing a Panopto video help page for more information.


The external examiner will be able to view all student work but they are not expected to feedback on all submissions. You will have to direct them to which students are part of the sample group. 

Additional resources

University staff working with External Examiners can find guidance on the staff intranet page (link will only work once logged on).

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