Word - Page View options, multiple windows and multiple page view

Page View options, multiple windows and multiple page view

This guide will show you the several types of views available within Microsoft Word that will be able to help you view your document the way you'd like to.

Word has several different ways you can view documents:

These can all be found on the left of the View Tab in the ribbon menu: Illustrative image

There is an example of each view below, all generated from the same document.

Examples and usage:

Read Mode - (for reading)

If you’re reading a document, not writing or editing, click View Read Mode to hide the writing tools and menus and to leave more room for the pages themselves.

  • Read Mode automatically fits the page layout to your device, using columns and larger font sizes, both of which you can adjust:  Illustrative image
  • To leave Read Mode, Click View --> Edit Document:  Illustrative image


Print layout - (default View)

When you start a new document, you’re already in Print Layout view, which is where you do your writing.

But perhaps you inherited this document and it’s not in Print Layout view or you accidentally changed the view you were in and now you wish to view the Print Layout. Here’s how:

  • Click View, and then click Print Layout: Illustrative image

Web layout -

Use Web layout view to conceptualize how content would appear when it is published to the Web. This view provides an approximation of how content appears, not an exact match:  Illustrative image


Opening the same document in a new window (duplicate windows)

From Word 2013 and onwards you can open the document are you are working on in a new window (open the document twice) so that you can refer to later pages in one window will typing in a different place in the document via the second window. To open this you can find the option in the 'View' tab:  Illustrative image


Once this button is clicked it will open a new window containing the same instance of the document, meaning any changes made to this document will automatically be applied to the original:  Illustrative image

If you decide you don't want the window any longer simply close one of them, this will not affect the other document window.


View Multiple pages in Print Layout view

While in Print Layout view you can press a button to have word automatically adjust the zoom level so that you can fit multiple pages within one window: Illustrative image

Click Multiple Pages to see the window fit in as many pages as possible, without changing the zoom level. If you zoom out Word will try to fit more pages in. It is useful to use this feature if your pictures are moving about the page because of your formatting as it allows you to see more of the document in one go.

(A view of multiple pages in one window of Word)

Zoomed in Zoomed out
Illustrative image   Illustrative image


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