Word - How to add a Page or Section Break

How to add a Section break

Page & Section breaks have multiple uses. They are most notably used to create different sections within the same document, so that you can apply a different page orientation, affect page numbers and different headers/footers per section.

You can find the button to add breaks in the Layout tab in the ribbon: Illustrative image

In the Breaks menu you will find:

Section breaks:  Illustrative image

  • Next Page: This will break you to a new page and also change the section. 
  • Continuous: Inserts a section break, but will leave you on the same page (This can be used when you have section 1 for the header but wish to have section 2 in the footer be different text to the previous section)

Page Breaks: Illustrative image

  • Next page: This will push all the text below the page break onto the top of the next page, or if there isn't a page, it'll create one.
  • Column: This will indicate to Word that you wish to break a column to begin at the top of the next one (for use if you are using columns in your document)
  • Text Wrapping: Separates text around objects on the page (for use in webpages made in Word)


Section breaks are used with page numbering, for which a guide can be found here



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