Word - Format Painter

Format Painter

Change font, style, point size and all formatting, in one go to match pre-existing text

Many times in Word you have copied and pasted something into your document only to find it is in a different font, size or is in bold or italics or some completely different format. Format painter can copy the format of your existing text and then 'paint' it onto the new text you've just copied in. This can save massive amounts of time if you are not sure how the imported text has been formatted.

Here is an example:  Illustrative image

To make this all the same Font, Size and Style with minimal effort is where the Format Painter comes in handy:

  1. Highlight the text you wish to copy the formatting of by clicking and dragging around it:  Illustrative image
  2. Find the Format Painter button in the 1st section of the Home menu in the ribbon at the top of your screen:  Illustrative image
  3. With the text Highlighted, click the Format painter button and notice how your cursor changes when hovering over text. With this new cursor now active, you can left click and drag over any of the text you would like to change to your original formatting:  Illustrative image

Once you have clicked and dragged over your text using the format painter, you should see your text change format when you release the left click.

Click here for animation of format painter in use:  Illustrative image



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