Word - Automatic table of figures

Adding a Table of Figures

Word has a feature for annotating figures/picture within your document and creating a table of page numbers.

  • Once you have your document open with the relevant images in place we will need to make space for the table to go in.
  • If you have created space for the table you can then add the table by going to the References tab and selecting Insert Table of Figures:   Illustrative image
  • Word will then check how you would like the table styled. If you're happy with default style, click ok Illustrative image

This will add a blank table that will update as you add figure captions to each image after you have clicked the update table button found below the Insert table of figures button. Until the update Table button has been clicked the table will state: "No Table of Figures entries found":  Illustrative image

How to caption pictures tagging them for the Table of Figures

To add a figure to the table we will need a caption to an image:

  • Select the image by left-clicking on it. With the image selected, right-click on the image and select Insert Caption at which point a dialogue box will pop up:  Illustrative image .
  • Fill out the Insert Caption menu by adding a caption, Word will automatically sequence the figure number. This can be used alongside your own caption as well:  Illustrative image
  • You may select the type of label: Figure, Equation or Table
  • You may select whether the caption appears above or below the image, using the position drop down menu
  • Click Ok to confirm this and there should now be the caption above or below the image depending on what has been chosen. However, the table will still need updating.
  • To update the table, click the Update Table button found in the References tab. However, you may also right-click on the table itself and select Update field to have the same effect. 

Your table then should show your captions and labels alongside the page number that figure/table/equation features on.


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