Using Moodle to annotate assignment submissions

Use Moodle to annotate assignments using notes, draw onto it, add lines, circles, boxes, stamps and highlight text.

Please note, results are still released to students via MAF not through Moodle.


To view a student's submission and to annotate on the paper, go to the student submission area, and tap on 'Grade'.  Illustrative image

This will display the entire paper for you, up in the top left, you can jump between pages, and for a full screen view you can choose one of the options in the bottom right.  Illustrative image

You have a number of tools available to you, the first option is to add notes, you can choose the colour of the note and to add a note, just click and drag. This opens up a text field where you can add specific notes. Illustrative image

The next two options are the hand and the pointer, the hand option allows you to drag around the article, the pointer will allow you to move around your notes or any of your other annotations.  Illustrative image

You are also able to draw on your paper, first select the ink colour Illustrative image and choose from freehand, allowing you to draw. Illustrative image

The line tool allows you to click and drag for straight lines.  Illustrative image

The box tool, allows you to drag and drop to highlight with a box.  Illustrative image

The circle tool allows you to drag and drop to create circles.  Illustrative image

The highlighter tool allowing you to highlight sections of text.  Illustrative image

Any of these annotations can be moved or deleted with the pointer tool. 

You also have a selection of stamps, which allow you to click and drop that stamp wherever you like 

So far we have a limited selection of stamps, but if you can think of any others that we can design and build into the platform, please let us know.

Once you are done annotating the paper, save your changes by clicking on 'Save changes' at the bottom of the page.  Illustrative image

Please do NOT click 'Notify student' as this will make this feedback immediately available to the student.

Also please do NOT change the dropdown 'Marking workflow state', keep it at 'Not marked'.

All marks, grades and feedback will be delivered via MAF online.

To navigate back to your submissions click the link in the top left

You will see your annotated document in the Annotate PDF column in the view all submissions page  Illustrative image

You will then need to click on a PDF to download it, and then upload it to MAF: Adding attachments in MAF

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