synchronising a University OneDrive account with a personal device

What is OneDrive?

OneDrive is used to store files, folders, and photos in the 'cloud' (Online) so you can access them easily on multiple devices and share them with colleagues, or with people outside the university.

How can I access my OneDrive Quickly?

OneDrive can be accessed in your web browser from any device connected to the Internet by logging into your University Email/Office 365 and selecting 'OneDrive' from the waffle menu:  Illustrative image

If however, you wish to synchronise a device with this online storage area for repeated use you can follow the guides below depending on which device you are using

Link your University OneDrive account on a Windows 10 Device

In order to synchronise your University online storage area (OneDrive) on your personal device, you will need to open/run the OneDrive app in the background of the PC. Windows 10 should come pre-installed with the OneDrive application and is able to be opened from the start menu

  • Click the Start Menu and begin typing "OneDrive" to search the computer for the OneDrive application. Once it appears in the search, left-click the application to ensure it is running in the background Illustrative image
  • Click the System tray icon on the right side of your taskbar to see applications running in the background, Left or Right-click the OneDrive "cloud" icon to open the menu, select "Settings" from the menu:  Illustrative image
    • If you see two Cloud Icons, the blue icon will be your University account, the white cloud will be your personal storage area associated with a personal Microsoft account (Outlook, Hotmail).
  • Select the 'Account' tab and then 'Add Account', you will then be prompted to insert your University Email address and password:  Illustrative image
  • You will then able to access your OneDrive Files in file explorer: Illustrative image

If you don't appear to have OneDrive Installed already you can download it from Microsoft. 


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