Support me portal

Upgraded SupportMe Overview

The SupportMe self-service portal was upgraded on Friday 5th April, the following help page explains how to use the new portal. 

SupportMe is a self-service portal for raising support calls e.g. IT Support calls, reporting lost property, requesting library books to be sent cross-campus for you etc.

Calls can also be logged to Estate Management via the 'Request Estates Support' link Illustrative image  on the SupportMe home page, e.g. for reporting issues with power sockets, heating, plumbing etc. For help on logging calls for Estates, click here.

Once your call is logged it will be forwarded to the appropriate team, and you will receive a confirmation email with a call reference number to your university email account.

If you are unable to use the online service or visit us in person then please email the Support and Information Zone at or phone the SIZ on (01243 81) 6222

Raising a support request - e.g. IT, Finance, Business Applications, Moodle etc

Open SupportMe

You can raise a support request in two ways. 

  1. By searching: use the search box. One-word searches will return the best results e.g. wifi  Illustrative image
    Select from the available results  Illustrative image
    Complete the corresponding questions and submit the form by selecting the finish button  Illustrative image

If you know the service you require support for, you can go directly to each individual service

  1. By navigating: from the home page, click Request Support  Illustrative image
    You will need to locate a service to raise a request against. All of our services are shown in alphabetical order. Navigate down the page until you reach the required service  Illustrative image
    Under each service are categories, select a category to see the available requests that can be raised  Illustrative image
    Complete the corresponding questions and submit the form by selecting the finish button  Illustrative image

Viewing your existing requests

To view your requests, navigate to View or Update your requests Illustrative image  on the SupportMe home page

  • All of your active requests will be shown, with the most recent at the top  
  • To view closed requests, use the dropdown box to change the selection   Illustrative image
  • To view a request, click on the call summary text  Illustrative image

Updating your existing requests

Once the request is open (see above) you can:

  • View the full details of your request under the Questions section  Illustrative image
  • Update your request by using the Submit an update section at the top of the page  Illustrative image   then clicking Post
  • Add attachments by clicking on the Attach section  Illustrative image   then click the Upload button

Favouriting your frequently used services

For speed and ease of use, you can add the services you use most often to the My Favourites section on your SupportMe home page 

  • For a service to appear in the My Favourites section, from the Request Support button navigate to the service and select the heart symbol next to the service's name. The heart will change colour  Illustrative image
  • Back on the SupportMe home page, it will be listed in the My Favourites block  Illustrative image
  • To remove a service from My Favourites, deselect the relevant heart icon

Logging calls for Estate Management

Click here for instructions on how to log requests for the Estate Management team:

  • Student:  e.g. My Accommodation, maintenance requests
  • Staff:  e.g. room set-up, delivery, additional cleaning, reserved parking, maintenance requests)


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