Submitting an assignment in Moodle

Please make sure you have read the Student Assignment Checklist 

Once you have submitted your assignment, it will show as 'Queued' and you don't need to do anything else.  Moodle will then automatically submit it to Turnitin, and will display the originality percentage once it has been processed. 

*Please note that dissertations still require a paper copy to be handed in as well as being submitted online.

If you have already uploaded your assignment, but want to see how to upload an updated version please see re-uploading your assignment

To find out how to use and understand the originality report please see the Turnitin Originality (similarity) report help guide.

Submitting your assignment to Moodle

On the module Moodle page, navigate to the submission link. The icon is a hand holding up a piece of paper:

You can also find the assignment links in the left hand navigation menu, open/close the menu by clicking the 3 vertical lines in the top left of the screen, under the 'Activities' heading click on 'assignments'.

On the assignment page, you will see information about the assignment, click on the 'Add submission' button


You are asked to tick the box to confirm the submission is your own work. You can either drag and drop the file into the box or click the add icon to attach the file.

If you click the add icon then you will need to choose the file and click upload, you can leave the author name and licence as the default.

Once added, click save changes to submit.


The screen updates to show you have submitted for grading and that Turnitin is queued.

Once the Turnitin report is available, it will be accessible in the file submission area by clicking in the Turnitin percentage

Re-uploading an assignment

If you need to re-upload your submission, you can edit / update your submission by using the edit submission button. You can do this as many times as you like before the due date.

Click on the document you wish to replace

A pop up box will appear, click delete:


it will ask if you are sure, click ok, 

Then add the updated document as before and click submit.

Please note, you will not be able to delete a document without replacing it with a new one from this window.

Deleting a submission

If you want to delete a submission, from the submission status window, click on remove submission:

Then click continue, and your submission will have been removed.  If you are removing it because it was uploaded to the wrong submission link, and you are re-uploading it elsewhere, you may get a 100% match. Please contact with the details in that instance.


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