Staff - log into your student account from your staff profile (or vice versa)

If you have a student account and want to be able to log into Moodle, email, ChiView etc, while logged into your computer on your staff account you can no longer do this via the incognito window in Chrome.

You can however still do this via the InPrivate browsing window in the Edge browser.

To open Edge, either search for it in your task bar, or click the windows start icon in the bottom left of the screen and select Edge from the quick links.

In Edge, click on the ellipses in the top right hand corner to open the Edge menu and choose InPrivate Window

You will then be able to log into university online systems such as Moodle and email with your student account.

If you want to stay in Chrome and use Moodle, you can go to an incognito window and go to this link However if you go to other systems such as Email, it will revert back to your staff account log in.



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