Social Media Policy


Social Media and the University

The University of Chichester Social Media Policy and Guidelines are designed for employees who use, or wish to use, social media within their role at the University of Chichester.

This information has been written to provide guidance on the University’s social media policy and usage; how, why and when to use social media; and etiquette and best practice.

The purpose of the Policy and Guidelines is to;

  • Ensure a consistent managed approach, particularly during any serious incidents,
  • provide support and best practice guidance for employees using or wishing to adopt social media on behalf of the university,
  • encourage effective and beneficial use of social media,
  • protect the University and its community, and to;
  • create consistency and coherence across the University’s social media activities.

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If you have any questions about the content of the Policy or Guidelines, or would like assistance with setting up effective social media channels, please contact the Marketing Communications and Access Digital Team:

  • Email:
  • Telephone: 01243 812151 or 07502347760

Kirsty Cleak – Digital Marketing Manager, Mikki Collins – Digital Content Producer


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