SIZ Confidentiality Statement

Confidentiality Statement


  1. The SIZ team is committed to keeping your privacy secure, whilst providing its advice, guidance and support services to all staff, students and visitors.
  2. Personal data will be handled strictly in accordance with; UK data protection legislation, the University’s Data Protection Policy, Electronic Information Security Policy, and the Safeguarding Policy, copies of which are available via
  3. SIZ will never ask you to divulge any password.
  4. All members of the SIZ team receive data protection training to ensure that information is recorded appropriately and follows University policies and processes.
  5. Your information will not be disclosed to any third party external to the University without your explicit consent, unless we have a legal basis for doing so, and where this is necessary this will be done securely. Where it is necessary to share your name, contact details and enquiry internally with another member of staff, this will be done securely.
  6. All records of your interaction with SIZ held in our call management system will be stored securely for 3 years. Upon leaving the University, your records will be deleted within one year.
  7. Any data that needs to be recorded will be stored securely to make sure that your personal information cannot be seen by anyone unauthorised to do so.
  8. Where you have a sensitive situation that requires privacy, the SIZ team will set up appointments with appropriate staff in interview rooms where your conversation cannot be overheard.
  9. SIZ data used for statistical purposes will be anonymised and will not identify any individual.
  10. If you believe that your confidentiality may be being breached, you can contact us in a number of ways:
    - Contact the SIZ Manager:
    - Log a job via SupportMe – select the “Data Breaches” option (which is also searchable) and follow the simple instructions;
    - Contact the SIZ by telephone (01243 816222) or in person so that your concern can be logged;
    - Contact the Data Protection Officer:
  11. This Confidentiality Statement will be displayed at our counters and made available through University websites, intranet, and the Support-Me self-service portal.

Updated 21/11/23

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