Setting up your staff signature on your University email

When you send an email, it is good practice for the recipient to know who sent the email along with additional information about yourself. We have provided instructions on this page which show how to set up your Email signature and automatically apply it to all University email communications, both internally and externally.

Below is the standardised email signature for staff. Using the guides below, simply download the Word document and follow the steps closely to copy the signature for your main campus base. Once done you will then need to customise it with your own information:

The University branding will automatically be applied to emails sent to external participants (non addresses). This means that you do not have to apply any Univeristy logo images in your signature.

You may, however, insert additional images such as professional accreditation or memberships beneath the email signature text show in the document above.

We have provided instructions on how to set up your signature for the different ways that you can access your emails. If the following instructions aren’t applicable to your email software, please get in touch with our IT Skills adviser:



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