Releasing feedback in MAF

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Once all student feedback from individual assessment has been completed, you will need to release the marks, grades and feedback to all students

In the top right you have an option to release the marks to students for each individual assessment, click here and you get a warning that you will release this to all students, click ok

That will now send an email to all the students giving them directions to have a look into ChiView to be able to view all their feedback, this will include any files or URLs that you have attached

On the right of the assignment, under release you will be able to see that it has been released to students. 

Once you are sure that there will be no change to the feedback or the marks or the grades from the individual assessments marked, you can send it to the assessment team, click send to assessment team in the top left and you will get a warning which says are you sure you are ready to export these results to sits you will be unable to make any further changes to the assessment once you have exported you will need to contact examinations by email to make changes

If you are sure you are ready to export this click ok or click cancel if you do not want to export.

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