Reading List Policy


Reading List policy


1.Policy Statement

1.1.It is the policy of the University of Chichester to explain the purpose and expectations of the online reading lists (ChiReadingLists).

1.2.The purpose of this policy is:

1.2.1.To set out guidance on implementation, access and copyright, with reference to online reading lists.

1.2.2.To ensure that all students have access to essential reading materials



The University of Chichester Library Service is committed to providing relevant and current resources that support teaching and learning. The online reading lists are a teaching tool that enable students to check the availability of reading materials and to access eResources directly. The lists provide access to a wide range of resources in digital format.  The Library Team is committed to working with academic staff to ensure that the right resources are provided. Training on how to set up and implement your reading lists with the Library Team is recommended. 


3.General recommendations

3.1  Reading lists should clearly state expected levels of student engagement with the identified texts by designating books as Core, Further or Wider Reading. This should include notes explaining where there is a choice of reading or acceptable alternatives.

3.2 Consideration should be given to developing the independent research skills of students from an early stage. The Library subscribes to and provides access to a wealth of online resources across all relevant subject areas which are accessible to students. Library staff will collaborate with academic staff to provide a programme of research skills training for students in order to encourage and develop these skills and to equip students with the ability to fully exploit the resources available to them.

3.3 Reading lists should be accurate, clear and consistent and resources listed should be available.

3.4 Reading lists should correspond with the module and provide realistic reading expectations (50 items per module maximum)


4.Roles and responsibilities

4.1 Completed online reading lists are included on the minimum standards block and it is the responsibility of academic departments to implement the lists.

4.2 All reading lists should be sent to the relevant Subject Librarian in advance of the course running, so as to allow time for the materials to be purchased and accessioned.

4.3 All lists should be submitted for review and should be reviewed regularly.

4.4 The Library Team is responsible for reviewing the reading lists and making purchasing decisions for Library resources. The team is also responsible for managing the library budget for reading list delivery. The budget will be spent on a first come, first served basis.


5.Purchasing Policy

We purchase resources from your reading lists for your students. We are unable to provide enough copies for each student to have their own copy.

5.1 Core reading: Where an eBook is available at a reasonable cost, this will be the first purchasing option. When there is only a print book available for purchase, we aim to purchase 1 copy per 10 students.

5.2 Recommended reading: at least 1 print copy will be purchased for the main collection unless a reasonably priced eBook is available.

5.3 Wider Reading: The Library is not responsible for reading under this category. However, the Subject Librarian will always consider purchasing staff and student requests for items up to the value of £100, or within a reasonable cost, at the discretion of the University Librarian.



Please indicate on your reading list if you want your students to read a single chapter or article. Where possible, we will digitise these chapters or articles at your request. Please do not send in photocopies of articles or book chapters as, under the terms of the Copyright Licensing Agency licence, we are unable to add, scan  or copy personal copies to the collection. Please note that under the terms of the licence, we are unable to add more than a single chapter or 10% of a book or more than one article from any one source for any one module. Please see our copyright pages for more information. Any PDF’s of journal articles added to module pages are not permitted within our copyright licence. Articles must be available within ChiReadingLists only.


7.Out of print books

Please be aware that out of print copies in good condition can be difficult to source with resultant delays. If they are core reading for your course, we will endeavour to obtain at least a single copy of the title and make it a reference copy. If further copies are required we will work with you to find a solution. This may include finding alternative items or the digitisation of a chapter.


Effective date: 01/09/2022

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