Powerpoint - Add Audio

Adding an audio file to your presentation

There are two ways to add audio to a presentation: 

1. Adding Audio already on your PC (saved)

2. Record Audio (record live)

To add a clip from your computer

Have the audio file saved to the computer locally as an MP3 file - (if you have an obscure file type then email ITskills@chi.ac.uk who may be able to help convert the file to MP3)

Once you have the file as an MP3 on your computer, open PowerPoint and navigate to the slide you wish the audio to appear on.

In the 'Insert Tab' of the ribbon you will see 'audio' under the media section, select:

  • 'Audio on this PC':  Illustrative image
  • Navigate to the file, select it and press OK.

To Record Audio Live

n the 'Insert Tab' of the ribbon you will see 'audio' under the media section, select:

  • 'Record Audio':  Illustrative image
  • A record sound window will open and you can press the record, stop and play button, and also choose to name your recording too:  Illustrative image


The audio files will not automatically playback when in full-screen presentation mode without action.

To change this, you can select the audio by left-clicking,

Then access the 'playback' ribbon tab.

Then change the start to ' Automatically':  Illustrative image

The audio clip will now automatically play when that slide is reached on full-screen presenation mode.

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