Outlook - Focused Inbox

What is the Focused Mailbox?

When focused mailbox mode is enabled it will split your Inbox into two Tabs:

Focused & Other 

High priority emails are directed to the Focused tab, whilst low priority emails like advertisements and generic newsletter items are directed to the "Other" Mailbox:

View in Outlook 365(web version):  Illustrative image

View in Outlook (desktop app):  Illustrative image

How to Enable/Disable Focused Inbox Mode:

In Outlook 365 (web version):  Illustrative image

  1. Log into Mail.chi.ac.uk
  2. Click the settings cog in the top right of the window
  3. Enable or disable 'focused inbox' 

In Outlook (Desktop version):  Illustrative image

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Make sure your inbox is selected and select the view tab in the menu ribbon
  3. Check/uncheck the "show focused inbox" button.


You can find out more about focused inboxes on Microsoft's help site:

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