Online timetables

You can access your timetable through Moodle, ChiView.

Moodle and ChiView

In Moodle there is a timetable option in the menu. Once expanded you will see a link to Teaching Timetables Illustrative image

In ChiView, once you are logged in, you will see a Timetable link.

Either way, you will be taken to the web timetables page Illustrative image

My Timetable option

If you are a student with module selections or a member of teaching staff you can select My Timetable Illustrative image  

This will display a page where you can select the type of timetable view you want to view. Make your selections and choose View Timetable Illustrative image

Modules and programmes

Please note that you will also be able to view Modules or Programmes from the top level menu Illustrative image  

These options are available to anybody who has a ChiView login and allows you to view any programme or module that has been timetabled.


When you have finished looking at your timetable select Logout  Illustrative image  

This will return you to the main University of Chichester home page in that tab or window.

Other points

  • If you are both a student and a member of staff, you should log in to the network in one or other capacity to obtain the appropriate information.
  • Some staff members will have additional permissions based upon their roles and responsibilities and will correspondingly see more information.
  • If you are using a tablet or similar device, please be aware that the selections you make from the drop down menus for period and time will work correctly even though the default option will continue to be displayed.
  • Modules that do not require a room (e.g. dissertations / placements) will not appear on the timetable.
  • You can view different time ranges by changing 'select time range' in My Timetable. The default is working day so by changing the selection you can see, for example, evening activities.

Who to contact

Type of query: module

Example: modules missing from timetable or incorrect

Contact: Academic Registry Modular team

Type of query: group

Example: requests to change module groups. These will not normally be approved after two weeks into semester other than in exceptional circumstances

Contact: full details about this can be found under Module Changes in the online Student Handbook (accessed from the Student Resources menu option in Moodle)

Type of query: programme

Example: for general queries about your time slots or timetables

Contact: your Programme Office

Type of query: technical / IT

Example: you are unable to access ChiView or your timetable

Contact: contact SIZ or log a call on Support Me

Still need help?