Online Submission FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens with dyslexia stickers?

Students who are registered with the University as dyslexic, will have their assignments labelled with an accessibility icon. This will appear next to their submission in Moodle  Illustrative image

Has the group considered any negative effects on staff heath and safety, caused by the increased amount of time would be spent at a computer?

The University of Chichester Health and Safety team can offer advice and support for you if you are concerned by prolonged use of PCs and laptops. They offer a work space assessment which give guidance on the placement of equipment and how to arrange furniture to ensure good posture. Some PDF guides for PC and laptop use can be found here

If you are concerned about any detrimental effects on prolonged exposure to "blue light", Windows 10 has a Night Light mode which you can use to filter blue light. Access the online guide here

What if my assessment doesn't suit electronic submission?

If your assessment doesn't suit electronic submission, such as the production of a printed artefact, then an alternative submission route may be necessary. Please contact your Head of Academic Department. 

I'd rather read paper assignments, can I print them?

If you'd prefer to read paper copies of assignments, you can download them from Moodle and print them out. Please check with your Head of Academic Department before printing as the cost will have to be covered by the department. If you have annotated onto the documents, and wish to share them with your students, you can use the University printer to scan them into PDF format for uploading into MAF online. 

It is not the Faculty Administrators role to print and scan assignments

Are we still using Turnitin?

Students will be submitting via the Assignment activity in Moodle, which is separate from Turnitin. However, when a students submits an assignment is a supported format, Moodle will submit it into Turnitin for them. Both the student and the tutor will be able to view the Originality Report as normal. 

If a student submits a file type which is unsupported by Turnitin, then Turnitin will ignore it. The Assignment activity is set, by default, to only accept file types which Turnitin can read and understand. 

You may use the Assignment activity for submissions of work which are not summative written pieces, such as digital posters, formative reports, etc. In these instances, you can switch Turnitin off via the Turnitin Plagiarism Plugin Settings section in the Assignment activity settings. 

Why is there a red cross under a student's submission?

If you can see a red cross under a student submission Illustrative image , this is because the student has not agreed to the Turnitin user agreement. Please contact your student to resolve this. 

Are Dissertations and Thesis now to be only submitted online?

At this stage, dissertations and thesis still require the submission of a physical copy.

I've already set up Turnitin activities. Do I need to delete these and replace them with the new Assignment activity?

We would advise you to move to the Assignment activity for consistency. If your student searches for support online, the results will only show them the new Assignment activity. Before deleting your Turnitin activity, please check that no students have already submitted. If they have, please contact Roz Hall ( for guidance. 

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