Online marking tips - sharing good practice

Here are a number of useful features, tips and reminders for you during the online marking process

Dyslexia Stickers

When marking assignments, please make sure that you are checking for the dyslexia icon. This appears alongside the student ID when you are viewing the submissions Illustrative image . If you are downloading assignments, to mark offline, please make sure that you make a note of which have dyslexia. 

Allocated markers

If you share your module with other tutors, you can allocate assignments to mark for each tutor. Please see out online guide for allocating selected submissions to markers

Annotating PDF documents using Microsoft Word

If your workflow involves annotating in Word, and your students submit a PDF, you can still use Word to open and annotate the assignment. 

  1. In the Moodle Assignment activity, select the PDF file to download it
  2. Right-click the file and select View in folder
  3. When viewing in the folder, usually the downloads folder, right-click the PDF and select Open with... and then Microsoft Word

Word should be able to open most PDF types, but please check the original file in case any formatting has changed, especially if you are marking students on formatting. 

Useful features in Microsoft Word

Word has a number of new accessibility features that you may find useful when working through student assignments. You can access these from the View tab in the ribbon, and selecting Learning Tools

These tools enable you to:

  • Change the column width
  • Change the page colour and contrast
  • Change the text spacing
  • Identify syllables
  • Read Aloud the who document

Windows snap

If you are reading the assignment and adding comments to MAF online, you can easily have both up on the screen, side-by-side, by using Windows snap. You can follow this guide to find out how to use Windows snap

Stop students from making further changes to their assignments

If you are concerned that your students may make changes to their submissions after the due date, you can lock all or select students from making any changes. Please follow our guide on Locking student submissions

Receive an email when a student submits late

If you want to be notified when a student submits late, you can set this up in the Assignment settings. Please follow our guide on Notifying graders about late submissions



If you have any ideas or suggestions, please forward them to the Technology Enhanced Learning Team:

Our full guide for Electronic Management of Assignments can be found here: Online Assignment Submission - Staff Guide

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