Night Light feature in Windows 10 - reduces "blue light"

If you are concerned about the health impact of "Blue Light" (the light that comes from a PC monitor, tablet, mobile phone, TV), then there is a filter built into Windows 10 that you may wish to enable. 

Windows 10 has a Night Light setting which gently reduces the monitors blue-tones, giving the screen a warmer look. This can be manually switched on and off, or you can set it to automatically adjust to sunset and sunrise. 

  • Click on the Action Centre icon in the far right hand side of the Windows Task Bar  Illustrative image
  • You may need to click on Expand to show all buttons  Illustrative image
  • Click on Night Light to manually turn on and off. You will notice the screen turn a warmer hue  Illustrative image
  • To set Night Light to adjust automatically, click the Windows key and type Night Light  Illustrative image
  • The Night Light settings allow you to schedule manually or automatically and adjust the colour temperature  Illustrative image
  • If you don't see the Night Light option, please request for your PC to receive a Windows 10 upgrade via supportme

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