Near miss reporting - 'oops cards'

Incident reporting

Incident Report Cards (‘OOPS’ cards) are kept at the Support Information Zone (SIZ) Reception areas and also online (listed below), and within administrative and professional support areas. They can be used to report accidents and near misses (a near miss is an accident without injury) in order to stop the event reoccurring and possibly injuring you or someone else.

Simply complete either form: handing the physical version into the internal post, addressed to the Health and Safety Department, Bishop Otter Campus; or complete the online version below and, when finished  select 'submit' at the end of the form.



To win the next voucher, fill out an Oops Card (Observation of Poor Safety) or First Aid/Incident form and make sure it is sent to Health and Safety. One lucky card will be pulled from a hat next semester.