Multiple cost centres for printing

Some staff members have two or more cost centres associated with their printing account.

To be able to select alternative cost centres, additional software needs to be installed on your University computer.

For users of a Windows computer this is a simple install and the instructions are below.

If you use a University provided Apple Mac please contact the SIZ for advice about using multiple cost centres for printing.

Enabling multiple cost centres on Windows computers

  1. From the start menu, open the Managed Software Centre Illustrative image
  2. Locate the item called Equitrac Client and click the install now button Illustrative image
  3. The next time you restart the computer, the software will be installed

Once complete, you should be able to choose the required cost-centre before you send a print job. You will get a Print Assistant pop-up that will allow you to choose the appropriate cost centre associated with your account Illustrative image

When releasing your print job, you will still be prompted to choose a cost centre when you authenticate to a printer. This is because you might also want to photocopy while you're there and the cost centre you choose will be charged. However, your printing will remain linked to the cost centre you selected at your computer.

All print jobs that are sent from a computer where this software is not installed will be charged to your default cost centre. To double check your default cost centre, or to remove additional cost centres, please contact

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