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Some services which are provided via the University of Chichester Mobile application require real-time temporary collection of personal and location data, along with the requirement for temporary access to other areas of the mobile device (such as the camera). This type of temporary real-time access is not unique to the University of Chichester app and is a standard requirement across all mobile applications and platforms for services of this nature in order for them to function correctly. Permission for access of this kind can be withdrawn by the user at any time via the app permission settings. 

Specifically, the University of Chichester App currently collects personal and location data in this way for the use by the following services:

Location Information

We use precise location, via GPS, and approximate location, via network location, to determine your current location and provide location-based services. Consent must be given to allow location services to be used. This can be withdrawn at any time by going into the app permissions settings. This location information is not stored by the University and is used purely for real-time services required by the app to function correctly.

Camera permissions

We use the camera to scan QR-Codes in order to display Room Timetables. Consent must be given to allow the camera to be used and this can be withdrawn via the app permission settings. Access to the camera via this consent is only used by the app in real-time to allow the QR-code scanning functionality of the app to operate correctly

Google Maps widget

Cookies are used to collect anonymous usage information. This will collect information such as browser, device, operating system and IP address


The University of Chichester App provides links to other University managed systems. Access to these systems is via secure logon and credentials that have already been provided to the user in relation to the particular system and its access. At no point does the app require any other logon or registering of credentials to operate.

You can access the University’s Data Protection Policy here:

Information about the University’s mobile app can be found here:



Sep 2020

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