Mitigating circumstances

Any undergraduate or postgraduate student who believes that they have serious and unexpected short-term personal or medical circumstances which have impacted on their ability to submit, or that have seriously affected his or her performance in an assessment, and which he or she wishes a Board of Examiners to take into consideration is advised, before the point of assessment, to complete the online application form (located under the student’s ChiView account) on mitigating circumstances, and submit it with appropriate independent corroborating documentary evidence to the Academic Quality and Standards Service.

Please see the mitigating circumstances FAQs on the following page for types of supporting evidence accepted and for further information on making a mitigating circumstances claim:

Please note retrospective claims for mitigating circumstances relating to a previous semester or year cannot be accepted. The Claim must relate to modules/assessments being undertaken in the current semester. Please also note a mitigating circumstances claim is different to an extension. For advice on extensions please contact your tutor directly.

More information: Mitigating circumstances (Moodle)

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