Mendeley is a reference management programme. Using Mendeley, you can collect, store and organise your research sources. The programme allows you to input your own references; import/export references from databases; create bibliographies; use Mendeley Cite plugin in MS Word and integrate with Mendeley online.

There are two versions of Mendeley:

Mendeley desktop

On the University’s Windows PCs, use the Managed Software Centre to locate and install Mendeley desktop. Restart the PC in order to complete the installation.

Mendeley desktop can then be accessed from the start menu.

This process has to be repeated for every PC you use. However, the software is already installed on PCs in the Learning Resources Centres, LO3 or the IT Study Rooms at BRC LRC.

Using Mendeley desktop means you can use the Mendeley Cite feature in Word which inserts in-text citations and creates bibliographies.

For more information, see “Getting started”.

Please note: the Mendeley desktop software can also be downloaded free on your personal device. See Remote access to Mendeley


Mendeley online (known as Mendeley Reference Manager)

The web version of Mendeley can be used standalone or can integrate with Mendeley desktop. Mendeley online can be accessed off campus as well as on campus.

Your online version can be accessed at any time from and will include the same references as your desktop account. However, you must use the desktop version if you want to incorporate your references into Word.


Using Mendeley


University Mendeley training

Library staff run Mendeley training sessions. For staff these are detailed in the Staff Development Handbook. Staff can also arrange training for students if required – please email for further information.

Mendeley also provide training materials on their support

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