LRC Promotional and Advertising Guidelines

Advertising and Promotion Guidelines


Our LRCs are the hub of our learning environment and we strive to provide a pleasant experience for all users, whilst maintaining a space that is conducive to study and research. This policy ensures that the core function and focus of our LRCs are maintained.

All advertising and promotional materials must be provided to the SIZ for consideration.

It must also be compliant with the following criteria:

  • Directly related to University’s activities, partnerships, services or events.
  • Not to conflict with the core values of the University of Chichester.
  • Not to promote public support for a political party or religious group, a person identified with such a party or group, or a point of view/question of political controversy.
  • Not to discriminate on the grounds of race, colour, national origin, religion, sexual orientation or disability.
  • Not be of a sexual nature, which features an overtly sexual tone, innuendo or a subtext that may cause offence, partial or complete nudity or which appears to promote illegal or inappropriate behaviour.
  • Not be of a mocking nature, which makes fun of particular groups of people, types of behaviour or situations.
  • Does not offer goods or services that are in competition with those offered by the University or Students’ Union.

Temporary Stalls, Stands and Banners

Stalls, stands and banners should comply with our criteria and be directly related to study or support services that are available to students.

Students can request to set up a temporary stall, stand or banner only if it is directly related to a specific assignment or project assigned as part of their studies. All requests will need to be confirmed by the student’s academic tutor. Requests purely for commercial or personal interest are not allowed.

Requests for Additional Use

All requests for additional use of the buildings must be agreed by the Head of Support and Customer Experience. To request please email and each request will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Reviewed: 21/11/23

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