IT skills

The University's Skills team offer staff, students, and partner students support, advice, and training on the areas outlined below.

Sessions will be advertised throughout the year via student emails. 

There is an online calendar highlighting the IT Skills trainer's training dates.

To book on to a session, please talk to a member of staff at the SIZ, or email or call us on 01243 816454

Contact details

Dan Carline

IT Skills Trainer
01243 81(6454)


Word processing - Guides/Tutorials

We support: Microsoft Word 2016

Software features: Microsoft Word 2016 and Word online are available for all students at the University as part of our Microsoft Office 365 licence.

Microsoft Word 2016 offers inbuilt text to speech functionality

Email and calendar 

We support: Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 portal

Software features: Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager from Microsoft, available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Although often used mainly as an email application, it also includes a calendar, task manager, contact manager, note taking, journal, and web browsing.

Presentation delivering software - Guides/Tutorials

We support: Microsoft PowerPoint

Software features: a software package designed to create electronic presentations consisting of a series of separate pages or slides.

Note taking / assignment planning

We support: Microsoft OneNote

Software features: Microsoft OneNote is a computer program for free-form information gathering and multi-user collaboration. It gathers users' notes (handwritten or typed), drawings, screen clippings and audio commentaries. Notes can be shared with other OneNote users over the Internet or a network.

Spreadsheet and data manipulation - Guides/Tutorials

We support: Microsoft Excel

Software features: Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program included in the Microsoft Office suite of applications. Spreadsheets present tables of values arranged in rows and columns that can be manipulated mathematically using both basic and complex arithmetic operations and functions.

Mind mapping - spider diagrams

We support: Inspiration 9

Software features: for visual mapping, outlining, writing and making presentations, use Inspiration 9. Brainstorm ideas, structure your thoughts and visually communicate concepts to strengthen understanding with the Diagram and Map Views. To take notes, organize information, and structure writing for plans, papers and reports, use the integrated Outline View to focus on main and supporting ideas and to clarify thinking in written form. With Inspiration's Presentation Manager, transform your diagrams, mind maps and outlines into polished presentations that communicate ideas clearly and demonstrate understanding and knowledge.

Cloud storage / file sharing

We support: OneDrive

Software features: a file hosting service that allows users to sync files and later access them from a web browser or mobile device.

Video recording / lecture recording

We support: ChiPlayer (Panopto)

Software features: video hosting site that allows you simultaneously steam two time-synced videos streams, embeddable and Moodle friendly. The video platform for training, teaching, and presenting. Panopto makes it easy to record video presentations, manage your existing video files, and stream your video content to any device.

Instant messaging and calling and remote support

We support: Skype for Business

Software features: Skype for Business, formerly known as Microsoft Lync, is a unified communications (UC) platform that integrates common channels of business communication including instant messaging (IM), VoIP (voice over IP), file transfer, web conferencing, voicemail and email.

Internet browsers

We support: Microsoft Edge / Google Chrome / Safari 

Software features: a computer program with a graphical user interface for displaying HTML files, used to navigate the World Wide Web

Assistive technology

Screen magnifier and screen reader

We support: Read & Write: Texthelp

Software features: ReadWrite is a screen reader, as well as providing vocabulary and research tools. 

File converter, file simplifier and alternate media solution

We support: SensusAccess

Software features: SensusAccess is a self-service, alternate media solution for educational institutions. SensusAccess allows anyone to automatically convert documents into a range of alternate media including audio books (MP3 and DAISY), e-books (EPUB, EPUB3 and Mobi) and digital Braille. The service can also be used to convert inaccessible documents such as image-only PDF files, JPG pictures and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations into more accessible and less tricky formats. We call that Inclusion Technology.

More info and to use Sensus Access