How to view submissions


  1. Click the submission link on the Moodle module page
  2. On the submissions overview page you will see the number of submissions expected and received Illustrative image
  3. Click the view all submissions button to see more information
  4. You can extend the page by clicking on the burger menu in the top left to hide the left side navigation 
  5. Anonymous marking is enabled. This removes the student photo, name, and email
  6. You are able to see: the student number, the last time they submitted or made a change to the submissions, the submitted file, and the Turnitin information (the originality report).
    Clicking on the similarity percentage opens the report. A late submission is shown by a highlighted time in the status column  Illustrative image
  7. To list non-submissions only, scroll down the page and in the filter drop-down, select 'not submitted'  Illustrative image
  8. Department Administrators see a different view, which includes the student photos, names, and email addresses


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