How to edit your Moodle Profile

You can edit your Moodle profile to show your department, additional contact details, social media accounts, and more. Elements of this, such as your contact details, room and social media handles will then be used to populate any placeholders that show your information in Moodle (such as in the Module Handbook).

To change your profile, click on the small arrow next to your name and profile picture in the top right hand corner and select Profile.

On the next page click Edit profile

The next page will allow you to edit and add to your profile and change your user picture.

To change your picture, scroll down the page until you get to User picture you can either drag and drop the image or use the file picker icon to select or upload your image.

Further down the page there are sections to add Additional names and Interests if you wish. 

The next heading is Optional, this is where you can add your phone number.

Underneath this is Other fields, this is where you can add your Twitter handle, and you can also add your room postcode, which will then link to to enable students and staff to find your location.

When all of the changes have been made, click Update profile to save the changes.

If you appear on a place holder it will then appear with your room, phone number and social media automatically populated, (without this the placeholders will just show email and Skype for Business contact details.)





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