Finding the serial number of a computer

Windows computers 

On desktops, laptops, and Surface devices press Ctrl+Alt+i on the keyboard to display the serial number on the screen (it is sometimes called the computer name Illustrative image   or referred to as the service tag).

On desktops, the white sticker (usually on the top of the PC) also displays this number. 

The number may be prefixed by VIG, HP or UOC.


There are two methods:

  1. Go to /System Preferences/Sharing Illustrative image   and the number will be displayed in the computer name box Illustrative image
  2. On the login window, click on the time Illustrative image   (top right). Click once to display the computer name Illustrative image   click again to see the operating system that is installed, and click a third time to see the IP address of the Mac

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