External MFA Help Page

This page provides guidance for externals such as Governors, Generic Email accounts, UNICAT Staff, Contractors & RLF when using MFA, how you can set up MFA, and a FAQ (frequently asked questions).

    MFA will be activated on your account for you very soon. If you have not already set up MFA, you will be prompted to do so once MFA is activated for your University provided email account.

    Logging on to MFA:

    • Open an incognito browser window
    • Visit the following link https://mysignins.microsoft.com/security-info
    • Input the email address of your external / generic account e.g.  changecalendar@chi.ac.uk Illustrative image
    • Authenticate with the username and password of the account e.g. changecalendar Illustrative image which you may be prompted for a 2nd time for Illustrative image

    To add an MFA authentication method

    • Click 'Add sign-in method' Illustrative image
    • Choose from the available MFA methods Illustrative image
      e.g. Authenticator App, or Phone (for authentication by SMS or Phone Call)
    • Follow on-screen instructions for your chosen MFA method

    Please note, specific guidance for your chosen method is available further down this page e.g. Enrolling with the Microsoft Authenticator App, or Enrolling with a telephone number

    The video below provided by Microsoft explains the steps to get MFA set up on your account: