Enhancing student engagement in blended learning

Blended Learning is all about combining face to face teaching with online learning experiences in a way that complements each other.  We have various tools to enable this, such as Moodle, Panopto, Teams etc. However it can be difficult if students don't engage with this approach, so how can we enhance their engagement?


The Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Team have put together a guide on enhancing student engagement in blended learning. Based on research by Gilly Salmon, it breaks down student engagement into five easy to understand steps:


  1. Access and motivation

  2. Online socialisation

  3. Information exchange

  4. Knowledge

  5. Development


Through this online guide, we've set out easy examples of activities you could do with your students at each step of the journey.


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Salmon's (2011) Five stage Model - Student Engagement in Blended Learning


For more information or advice on engaging students in Blended Learning, please contact the TEL Team at TEL@chi.ac.uk

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