Customer Services Charter

Customer Service Charter


Our Vision is:

To enhance the student experience by providing the highest level of customer service to the University community

Customer Service Provision:

To our customers we intend to:

  • Provide a courteous, welcoming and informative service at all of our reception points
  • Support and advise on all aspects of University life in a friendly, welcoming and empathic way
  • Ensure our team is up-to-date, knowledgeable and capable of offering excellent support and accurate information
  • Treat all customers equally irrespective of their gender, ethnic background, religion or sexuality
  • Communicate our services widely and directly to customers. Provide our customers with up-to-date news and information through our website, Twitter and Facebook feeds
  • Invite honest feedback, views and suggestions through customer comment forms, face to face feedback and surveys
  • Keep all facilities in a clean and tidy condition
  • Handle all personal data in accordance with the prevailing data protection regulations, the University’s Privacy Standard, Electronic Information Security Policy and Prevent Duty
  • Pursue a policy of continuous improvement. Ensure our services evolve and grow to meet the ever changing needs of our students, staff and visitors
  • Leave a lasting, positive impression of the University to all visitors, prospective students and the local community

How you can help us:

Please observe the following points:

  • Take care of all books and equipment and return them on time after use
  • Consider other users and be aware of how your actions or inactions might impact on others
  • Tell us if something is broken or damaged
  • Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for up-to-date news and information on our services
  • Give us your views - we welcome all feedback
  • Leave your study area clean and tidy after use
  • Follow the University’s Computer Code of Conduct
  • Follow the LRC code of conduct


Reviewed 21/11/23

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