Customer Service Standards

SIZ Customer Service Standards


Our vision is:

To enhance the student experience by providing the highest level of customer service to the University community.
For this reason we have implemented the following set of Customer Service Standards.

Front Desk

  • The SIZ will be staffed at all times during published SIZ opening hours
  • All customers will be dealt with in a friendly, welcoming and empathic way whilst treated fairly and without discrimination
  • Any change to SIZ opening hours will be advertised in advance
  • We aim to ensure no customer will have to wait longer than 3 minutes at the front counter
  • We have feedback boxes at both sites and encourage your comments. We will reply to all feedback within 5 working days
  • We aim to ensure no customer will have to wait longer than 3 minutes for self-service machines


  • We aim to answer all calls within 12 seconds
  • If all our telephone lines are busy, callers are provided a call-back option without losing their place in the queue and all calls will be returned


  • At least 90% of self-service jobs and emails will be acknowledged within two hours of the customer request (during SIZ opening hours)
  • We aim to resolve at least 95% of jobs within the relevant service level agreement (SLA)
  • We aim to resolve 80% of your queries without the need to escalate
  • We will achieve at least 90% satisfaction for our Supportworks service and feedback responses


  • We will respond to the university’s emergency phone line within 5 seconds
  • We aim to contact a first aider within 30 seconds of a request being received

Social Media

  • Important SIZ announcements will be published on our social media sites (SIZ Facebook & Twitter) and at least 90% of queries will be answered within 24 hours during term-time
  • Increase Facebook and Twitter followers by 10% each semester


  • General overall satisfaction with SIZ of at least 90%


Reviewed 21/11/23

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