Creating an Origin account

What is Origin?

Origin is a video game digital distribution platform developed by Electronic Arts. This platform is used by the university to install certain items of software from games to applications. To access this platform, you must have an account. If you already have one you may sign in with it on Campus, if you don't, however, you will need to create one.


Creating an Origin account

To create an Origin account you will need to go to EA's website:

Once on the sign-up page, you will be asked for: 

  • your personal email address, it's suggested you use this instead of your University student email address as this will change once your study with us has been completed and require manual action to be changed to a different email address:  Illustrative image


 You will then be asked to create: 

  • A public ID (handle) that others will see as your 'display name'
  • A password and then to confirm it
  • A security question and answer for unlocking the account should you forget the password and lose access to the email associated with the account:  Illustrative image

you will then be asked to add (optionally) a first and last name associated with the account, you can skip this part if you want to:  Illustrative image

Finally, you will then be asked to verify your email address by entering a code that has been sent to your email address:  Illustrative image

Once verified your account will have been created.



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