Creating and using templates in MAF

Video (02:06)

To create a template, in the MAF links, click add a new template.

Give your template a name, and then in the text box you can build your template using the editing options along the top, this includes options to create a table.

Once you have created your template click save new template at the bottom.

Now you have a template you can apply it in two different ways, you can apply them individually to students by clicking on the marker and choosing the template from the templates drop down.

Or you can apply to all students at once, to apply a template, click on templates, apply a template, select which of the assessments you wish to apply the template to, select which template you wish to apply, and then in which text box you wish the template to appear in.

Once you click it asks if you are sure you want to apply this template, click ok and the template has been applied.

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