Connecting to eduroam Wi-Fi

eduroam is the university's Wi-Fi network.
Your eduroam logon credentials can also be used at many other participating universities, colleges and institutions. Illustrative image

You can connect to eduroam with the following credentials on devices such as Windows, Apple Mac, iPhone & iPad:

Wi-Fi network:

eduroam Illustrative image


Your university email address Illustrative image
Student example:, Staff example:


Your university password

For Android devices, or for step-by-step instructions, please see guides below.

Connecting to eduroam - Device specific guides

Wi-Fi connection problems

If you are still having difficulties connecting to Wi-Fi after following instructions on this page, you can start a web chat using the 'ask siz' link at the top of this page  Illustrative image or contact SIZ directly.

eduroam Services

The eduroam service at Chichester does not use any application or interception proxies

The University of Chichester (UoC) is a participating organisation in eduroam(UK) and has:

  • Visited organisation status which allows visitors to UoC, from other member institutions, to access the network using the credentials provided by their home institution.
  • Home organisation status which allows UoC users who are visiting an instiution that is a member of eduroam (including eduroam(UK)) to access the network using their UoC credentials

eduroam links:

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