Complaints Policy

SIZ Complaints Guidelines

We aim to enhance your experience by providing the highest level of customer service to our university community. Whilst we do everything we can to make sure everything goes smoothly we accept that on occasion you may feel dissatisfied with the quality of the service that is being provided. You have a right to make a complaint about any of the services provided by the university. Where problems with a service do not relate specifically to the SIZ we will direct your feedback to the most appropriate person.

SIZ complaints procedure

If you are unhappy with our service, please tell us. We really value your feedback and where things may have gone wrong we aim to learn from it and put things right as quickly as possible. In cases where an informal solution cannot be found, or if you are not happy with the first response you receive, you can make a more formal complaint. Our complaints procedure is outlined below:

Stage 1 (informal)
Please let us know your concerns by speaking to a SIZ team member face to face or on the telephone. You can also let us know by email or by providing written feedback in the ‘news and views’ area. We will do everything we can to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Stage 2 (informal)
If we cannot help you satisfactorily at the first point of contact we will take the details of your complaint and pass it onto one of our Co-ordinators or SIZ Manager who will investigate. Your complaint will be acknowledged within five working days, and we aim to resolve it within 10 working days.

Stage 3 (informal)
If we have not been able to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction we will forward your complaint to the Director of Student Support and Transition. Your complaint will be acknowledged within five working days.

Informal complaints are to be used if you wish to claim that:

  • the service delivered was unsatisfactory
  • the environment we provide is unsatisfactory
  • a member of staff did not act appropriately
  • you have been treated unfairly or with disrespect

At the end of the process we will contact you to check that we have answered all the points raised and you are happy with the outcome.

Stage 4 (formal)
In the unlikely event that your complaint is still unresolved your will be referred to the formal University complaints procedure. Further details are available at:

All complaints will be treated impartially and confidentially.

For all non SIZ related complaints you should initially contact the appropriate Head of Department for the academic or professional services area.  Please refer to the University Complaints Policy as part of Academic Regulations - found on Academic Quality and Standards - University of Chichester web page

Reviewed: 21/11/23

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