Creating a post, article or event on ChiLife


Logging in

  • To create a post you must sign in first by accessing the site:
  • Use the credentials you have been given to log in. You'll  then be taken the activity dashboard screen on the Browzer site. 


Activity Dashboard

  • The activity dashboard is the first thing you'll see upon logging in.
  • This is the institution wide content calendar, meaning you will see exactly what everyone is publishing on Browzer that feeds into ChiLife and when they plan to have it go live/published.
  • To create a new post you'll see a button Marked 'Create Article' on the top right hand corner of this screen:  Illustrative image


Adding a Story/Post


After you have selected "create article" you will have various different aspects of the article you'll need to complete before you can publish your article::  Illustrative image

  • On this screen we can edit/create every aspect of the post/article/event. 

Adding a 'Menu Image'

  • On the left, under properties, you will see a grey box. When the cursor is hovered over this you will see two icons  Illustrative image
  • The left icon will open the gallery of stock images you may choose to use as your post's menu picture
  • The second icon will allow you select an image from your own PC to use as the menu image.


Adding a Banner/Hero Picture/Video

  • At the top of the screen on the right you'll see the option to add a banner image otherwise know as the 'hero image':   Illustrative image
    • You can select an image from the gallery of already available images, including some stock images
    • A video from a URL, I.e. (YouTube, Vimeo or other video hosting site)
    • An image uploaded from your computer
  • This will feature at the top of the article and doesn't have to be used, but is strongly recommended as it fits with the styling of the website in general.+
  • You can use this to feature a poster for an event or a heavily relevant image just to tie it all together.

Building your post's content

  • When creating your post you will obviously want to have content, this is added below the Banner/Hero options.
  • Placing your cursor over this area will show an arrow which can be clicked, upon clicking this arrow you'll be asked what type of content block you wish to add:  Illustrative image
  • you'll be able to add a few content types:
    • Text
    • Instragam
    • YouTube
    • Giphy (GIF's - Animated Images)
    • Files (for downloading PDFs or other documents)
    • Image (from the gallery or your own computer)
  • Once a content block has been added you'll be able to add another above or below it to restructure the way you've built the page:  Illustrative image

Adding text

  • You may simply type regular text into this content block, however there are several options to change the formatting text available at the top of this content block:  Illustrative image
    • Headings 2-4 - These will increase the size and boldness of text to create headings for your article/post.
    • Bold, Italics and underlined
    • Clear formatting - this will remove any formatting from highlighted text and return it back to the normal style
    • Hyperlinking - Select the text you wish to hyperlink and then paste in the URL/Address in the subsequent box. If you wish to hyperlink an email you'll need to add "" in order for it to work with emails.
    • Bullet points and numbered list
    • Embedding/show HTML - This will allow you paste in an embed code from another website if you wish to embed content into your article/post.
    • Undo/Redo options - to return prior to your last change or to re-do an action you didn't mean to undo.


  • This option will add an image from Instagram and will automatically add the copyright details for you so you don't have to worry. 


  • Copy a video's URL/Address into this and it will add the YouTube video into your article.

Managing your post

  • Whilst creating your post you will be able to reorder your content blocks at any time. Click 'reorder' at the top of the screen and you will be able to click and drag content blocks above or below one another:  Illustrative image
  • We will also have other options in this top menu:  Illustrative image
    • Save: This will save the article as a draft that you can return to later, this can be found in the content section which is covered later.
    • Preview: Click this to preview the post without the editing features around it, i.e. view it as the end user would do.
    • Reorder: This is mentioned above, but will allow you reorder the content blocks on the article.
    • Save to drafts: Although similar to the 'save' button, this is what will appear first if you have not saved before.
    • Save and Publish: Click this button to finalise your post/article and submit it for submission to ChiView, it's recommended you click preview to check everything before you publish.

Advanced Options

  • The left hand Sidebar also contains more options about how your post will be tagged and where it'll be displayed:  Illustrative image
  • Category: There are currently 6 categories:
    • Campus, Essential info, Support, Blogs, Accommodation and Jobs and Careers. These each have their own section on ChiView and will appear on the site under the sections depending on which you have selected.
  • Priority: Three options: Low, Normal and High.  This is how the site will prioritise the post. If two posts are available on the same day Browzer will place the post with the higher priority higher up the menu depending on which priority has been set. 
  • Tags: Tags are what a user can search for to find an article. These are separated by commas. e.g. on a post about gardening you might tag it with (Gardening, planting, Flowers, digging, growing, allotment, etc)
  • Publish Date - the date and time an article will go live on the site
  • Expiry Date - the date and time an article will  be removed from the site
  • Event Dates - If an article/post is in relation to a real world event taking place in the future then you can publish single or multiple dates here which will then add a "add to calendar" button to the post for the end users to make use of.
  • Visibility - displays where to publish the article
  • Offer - do not use for now 


Finding a post you created and saved to drafts

  • If you have saved a post/article previously and would like to find your way back to it then you can select 'content' at the top menu, next to 'activity' option where we arrived:  Illustrative image
  • This will show a listing all of articles, both published and drafts found on the site. To search this, first select what category of post you are searching for on the left such Live, Draft, pending or expired. You may then select to sort this list by a selection of a options found at the top:  Illustrative image



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