Checking out an SPSS or AMOS licence (staff)

Before you start

  • The device must be a University of Chichester laptop logged in with a staff account. The process described will only work for staff. Students connect to the RemoteApp (unless the laptop has been specifically set up for students to see the local version of SPSS).
  • You can only check out a licence when the device is connected to the university network or while a laptop is connected to the university network while you are working from home. If the device is not connected to the university network then you will not be able to check out a licence.

How to check out a licence

  1. Click the Start button
  2. Expand the IBM SPSS Statistics folder Illustrative image
  3. Launch the application called ‘IBM SPSS Statistics 23 Commuter Licence' Illustrative image
  4. In the commuter licence window, select the product that you would like to check out Illustrative image  then set the duration you require the license for Illustrative image and finally click Check Out Illustrative image

To check a licence back in, select the product then press ‘Check in’. Illustrative image

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