Changing your name - IT accounts (students)

This information is for students who have changed their name and would like the University IT systems to reflect this change.

1. Please make sure you have shown original documentation (e.g. deed poll) as proof of your name change to Academic Registry who will then update the student records system.

Please note: it is possible for you to retain your username for the University's IT systems and to have your new name printed on your certificate. This is requested through Academic Registry.

However, if you would prefer all of your IT accounts to be changed to your new name please be aware that:

  • It will be a completely new network account and email address that is unrelated to your old one
  • You will need to manually transfer existing emails and documents from your old account to your new one. Your old account will remain active for a short time for you to do this. It will then be deleted
  • It will take a few days for all systems (including Moodle) to sync to your new account

2. If you accept the above and decide you would still like your University IT account to be altered please log a job with IT through Support Me.

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