Changing your name - IT accounts (staff)

This information is for staff who have changed their name and would like their University IT account/s to reflect this change:

1. Make sure you have shown HR proof of your name change

2. Log a job with IT through Support Me (or via the SIZ) for your IT account to be altered. Please specify which of the two options outlined below you would prefer

There are two options for changing your account:

Option 1 

The name on your existing network account and your email account is changed but your network username is not changed. This option is the most simple and the one recommended by IT. You will retain all of your emails and documents without needing to do anything. You continue to log in to the network with your old username.

Option 2

Everything is changed to be in your new name. This is a completely new IT account that is unrelated to your old one. All existing emails and documents need to be manually transferred from the old account to the new account by you. Your old account remains active for approximately two weeks for you to do this and is then deleted. If you choose this option, you will also need new accounts for University systems that are not linked to your network login (e.g. SITS).

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