Booking a specific open access computer

Each open access computer has been allocated a number. If you want to book a specific computer, find or check its number via the Chichester maps or Bognor maps computer availability links. When you have this information:

1. Log in to the open access booking system (MyPC) with your University username and password

2. Use the where, what, and when sections of the Booking toolbar to see the availability of computers in each location for the day of your choice Illustrative image

3. After making your selections you will see a colour coded grid for each computer, showing the availability for your chosen day Illustrative image   Illustrative image

4. To book a slot, click on an available white square on the grid

5. The Booking Properties window will open. Make any required alterations to your booking start and end time, check the box if you want an email booking receipt, and select Save Illustrative image

6. If you chose to receive a booking receipt you will be emailed confirmation Illustrative image  



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