Student Assignment Checklist


1. Check the assessment criteria

Your module's Moodle page will have all the details you'll need regarding any assessments.

This should include:

  • The assessment criteria
    • Please read this as this is what the assignment will be marked against
    • University grading criteria can be found in the Academic Regulations
  • Due date
  • The online submission link  Illustrative image
    • Online submission uses Moodle's Assignment activity. See below for guidance on how to submit
  • Specific requirements
    • Required file types (by default you can submit Word document, PDF*, Plain text, Rich text, and PowerPoint, but your tutor may have specific requirements)
    • Paper submission (by default written assignments only require submitting digitally, however you may also be asked to submit a printed copy to the administrator's office)

*Please note that a PDF generated by scanning a document cannot be read by Turnitin.  If you want to create a PDF readable by Turnitin then you must save it as a PDF through word or the programme you are using.  Scanned PDFs should only be used when it is for handwritten work or for anything you don't have in a digital format (such as developed photographs or scrapbooks)

2. Academic study skills

The University of Chichester Skills Team has a dedicated academic skills advisor who can support you in your studies.

Please check the Study Skills Moodle page for guidance on:

  • Academic writing
  • Referencing
  • Essay planning & structuring
  • Critical thinking & writing
  • Dissertations
  • Exams & revision
  • Reading & note-taking
  • Presentations & posters
  • Grammar & punctuation
  • Reflective writing
  • Time management/organisation

3. Formatting your assignment

Please check with your module tutor for any formatting requirements, such as:

  • Page numbering

  • Double spacing

  • Font type and size

  • File sizes

All assignments should include the student number in the page header. Please do not include your name on submissions as assignments are marked anonymously. 

For support with these and other areas, please contact our IT Skills advisor

4. Submitting your assignment

Now that your assignment is written, it's time to submit it to the Moodle page.

Here are some steps to follow:

  1. File naming: make sure you include your student number in the file name, for example, 00361288_assignment_final.docx (do not include a question mark "?" in your file name as this can cause issues with downloading in some cases)
  2. If you have dyslexia, you no longer have to do anything to highlight this to your tutor. Digital dyslexia stickers are automatically added, for your tutor to see, from your central student record
  3. To submit a written assignment, please see the Submitting an assignment in Moodle help guide
  4. File size restrictions may apply. If your file is too large, please see the Files are too large to submit to Turnitin help guide
  5. Please make sure you check that the file you have submitted is the correct and that it opens (is not corrupt) by clicking on it to open up, and check the Turnitin report (step 5, below)


If you are submitting an audio or video file to a ChiPlayer Assignment Folder, please follow this guide: Using ChiPlayer for Assignments 
If you are submitting an IP or Dissertation, you will also need to submit a printed copy along with this Microsoft Office document icon Assessment form for Dissertations and IP.doc. You can get work printed and bound through our Print Shop. (this is the standard procedure for dissertations pre-lockdown - Please check with your lecturer for the current procedure during Covid-19)

5. Using Turnitin to check references

Once your assignment has been submitted, Moodle will run it through Turnitin to check originality. This will result in an Originality Report, which highlights content that it recognises from websites, online journals and previously submitted assignments.

Please note:

  • You are not aiming for a specific %
  • It is not all about plagiarism. Turnitin will likely highlight quotes, bibliography, references and other things that are fine
  • Please use the Originality Report to check that you are referencing all unoriginal content


Please take a look at our Turnitin for students guide for full details.

6. Collecting feedback in ChiView

You will receive an email when any module assessment feedback has been released.

To access your feedback:

  • Log in to (there is also a link to Chiview on the Moodle homepage
  • Go to My Study and select  Assessment Feedback  Illustrative image
  • You will see your modules listed. Click on View Feedback/Provisional Results so see your marks and feedback, and select the Uploads (paperclip) icon to view any attached feedback, such as annotated comments.  Illustrative image

Still need help?