Adding marks, grades and feedback comments to MAF

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To add feedback for an individual assessment, to the right of each assessment you have three options, mark as first marker, second marker or Moderator. Select the appropriate one.

There is a text box for Tutors comments with reference to assessment criteria, and another text box for Areas of improvement

You can type directly into the text boxes, but if you are pasting text in please use the paste as plain text or paste from word options.

Once you have written in your feedback you have the option to add a provisional mark or provisional grade.

If the grade area has been greyed out the module is expecting a provisional mark rather than grade, put in your provisional mark, and then choose which marker is completing this feedback.

Save the marker data, the text you entering is auto saved every 30 seconds, however before you leave the page do click on save marker data.

On the top left there is an option to go back to the list of students, when you go back you should see that for the assessment for the Marker you went is as, has been completed.

If you have gone in as the the second marker, you will be able to see the feedback from the first marker, you will also be able to see the provisional mark and the first markers name.

the second marker can then add in their feedback in the box underneath the first markers, you also have the option to add a provisional mark and an option to select your name.

At the top of the first marker page there is a yellow section, and this is for the agreed provisional mark, if an assignment isn’t going to be second marked or moderated then the first marker can just put the mark directly in.

Students will never be able to see the provisional mark from the first marker or second marker, they only get to see the agreed provisional mark.

Once you have saved that provisional mark we can see it on the front sheet over on the left. If that mark ever needs to be updated you can update it from the front sheet.

The front sheet isn’t automatically saved every 30 seconds so make sure you click on one of the save buttons.

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