Adding attachments and ChiPlayer links in MAF

Video (02:13)

If you have created feedback as a file or as a video or piece of audio in ChiPlayer then you can link to that in MAF.

To add a file, in the markers editing page you have an option near the top in the blue box to choose a file

Click the choose file button, navigate to where the feedback is on your computer, select the file and upload it.

The file will then available for the student when they are looking at their feedback.

To add a link to a ChiPlayer recording there is a space for the URL in the light yellow box between the upload documents box and the provisional marks box. 

In ChiPlayer hover over the recording you want to share, click share, and make sure that the student has permissions to view the recording.   Make sure that under who has access it says Specific people and type in the students user name or start typing in their email address, select their name, and untick notify by email and save the changes.  then copy the link URL, click in the link box to highlight it and right click and copy or use ctrl c to copy.

Then in MAF, paste that URL directly into the ChiPlayerURL box and click save.

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